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Welcome to the SIF Certification Program!


About the SIF Certification Program: 

The objective of the Access 4 Learning (A4L) Community, formerly the SIF Association, is to enable disparate vendor applications to exchange data, without the end-user re-entering data multiple times, to provide secure and consistent information to all applications across a given zone/environment.  The A4L Community established the SIF Certification Program to help ensure that data is successfully transferred between applications and that the transferred data successfully resides in all sharing applications, by using an open, community developed data standard – the SIF Specification.  The SIF Certification Program is a voluntary program, and is open to any member of the A4L Community.
Several documents are of particular use to any solution provider considering obtaining SIF Certification for their product:
  • The SIF 2 Certification Guide and SIF 3 Certification Guide provide an overview of the entire SIF 2 and SIF 3 certification processes, including 'checklists' to assist with every certification process, and should be referred to first.
  • The SIF Certification Policy documents in detail the policies that govern the operation of the SIF Certification Program. These policies define what software products can be certified, what it means to be certified, and the process for achieving and maintaining certification. Buyers intending to procure SIF-certified products will also find this document useful for understanding what they may expect from such a certified product.
  • Taken together, the SIF Certification Agreement and the Trademark License Agreement (TMLA) constitute the set of requirements and obligations for achieving certification.

All products that have successfully completed the SIF Certification Program are listed in the SIF Certification Registry.  A full list of the SIF Certification Fees is also available from this site.




The certification program benefits both customers and vendors by:
  • Providing end users an assurance of a high level of conformance and interoperability between SIF-certified products.
  • Reducing the vendor’s costs and risks involved with getting a product certified.
Under the SIF Certification Program, vendors warrant conformance to a specification. This requires that their product will remain conformant throughout the life of the product’s registration, and that any non-conformance will be promptly fixed.

What next?​

Find out what products are available:  If you are interested in finding out what products are currently SIF Certified and available in the educational marketplace, please visit the SIF Certification Registry.

Participate in the SIF Certification Program:  If you are interested in obtaining SIF Certification for one or more of your products, please review our Next Steps page. 

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact John Lovell, Technology Director, or Penny Murray, Community Director.




 This site provides links and information related to the certification of products for Access 4 Learning (A4L) Community standards.





 Certification Documents

Folder: ChecklistsChecklists
Guide to the SIF 2 Certification Program.pdfGuide to the SIF 2 Certification ProgramMarch 2016, Version 1.7
Guide to the SIF 3 Certification Program.pdfGuide to the SIF 3 Certification ProgramMarch 2016, Version 1.2
SIF Certification Agreement.pdfSIF Certification AgreementOctober 2015
SIF Certification Program Policy.pdfSIF Certification Program PolicyAugust 2015, Version 4.1
SIF Certification Program Policy - Addendum 2015-02.pdfSIF Certification Program Policy - Addendum 2015-02March 2015, Version 1.0
Trademark License Agreement - TMLA.pdfTrademark License Agreement - TMLAOctober 2015, Version 1.3
SIF 2 Enabled Application Product Standard.pdfSIF 2 Enabled Application Product StandardNovember 2011
Zone Integration Server 2 Product Standard.pdfZone Integration Server 2 Product StandardNovember 2011
SIF 1 Enabled Application (United Kingdom) Product Standard.pdfSIF 1 Enabled Application (United Kingdom) Product StandardNovember 2011
Zone Integration Server (United Kingdom) 1 Product Standard.pdfZone Integration Server (United Kingdom) 1 Product StandardNovember 2011
SIF-enabled Application 1.5 Product Standard (Historic).pdfSIF-enabled Application 1.5 Product Standard (Historic)November 2011
SIF 3 Product Standard.pdfSIF 3 Product StandardAugust 2015, Issue 1: v4
SIF Test Harness User Manual - SIF 2 Enabled Applications.pdfSIF Test Harness User Manual - SIF 2 Enabled ApplicationsAugust 2015, Version 1.1
SIF Test Harness User Manual - SIF 3 Enabled Applications.pdfSIF Test Harness User Manual - SIF 3 Enabled ApplicationsSeptember 2015, Version 1.0